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                      Stay Excellent Hardware Connection for T&D and Telecommunication


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                      +86 555 6913999

                      About Us

                      About Us

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                      SEHCO is a professional ISO 9001:2015 accredited manufacturers of line fittings for overhead transmission & distribution lines and telecommunication lines, in 2017 we set up a new factory and offices in Anhui, China and now it operates regularly.
                      Equipped with the advanced equipment, we manufacture helical-formed line fittings, aerial bundled cable (ABC) fittings, pole line hardware and telecommunication fittings.  
                      We are now qualified manufacturer and supplier of numerous Asian, European, American and other companies who involved in T&D and Telecommunication sectors. OEM is also available.
                      Apart from the products we manufactured, we also distribute as sole agent of Zhejiang Gaoneng Electric Installation Co., Ltd. and Jiaxing Sund Electric Co., Ltd. for polymer insulator, polymer surge arrestor and fuse cutout in Greece, Cuba, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.
                      SEHCO® and GUY CABLE GRIP® are our registered trademarks.